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The stationary dispensary in Darkar, Iraq will soon be completed !


The Darkar camp us located in the North-West of Iraqi Kurdistan, near the city of Sakho in the Duhok province and the Turkish-Syrian border.

Built by UN-Habitat, it is made of 801 precast structures and accommodates 6,000 individuals.

EliseCare will be in charge of the medical services in Darkar and is currently finishing the construction of its clinic inside the camp in collaboration with the Health Directory of Duhok.

As the probability of the refugees being able to return to their home is quite low, the camp and this clinic are built for an indefinite stay.

The clinic will measure 5382 square feet and be composed of 7 consultation rooms, a generalist clinic, an infirmary, a gynecologist clinic, two acupuncture clinics, one for women and one for men, a lab, a reception, and a waiting room. The clinic also will have a pharmacy and a medicine storage unit. The lab will let EliseCare’s team be independent and quick in its care for its patients.

This clinic will give Darkar residents and surrounding populations a permanent access to medical consultations, no matter where they are located in the region. It will be easily accessible due to its flat surface and ramp access.

Our team will mostly be hired from Darkar camp residents and local professionals, which is a commitment from the EliseCare mission.

The Dispensary will be operational at the end of 2016 and will dispense in average 200 services daily.

EliseCare is proud to celebrate its inauguration in January 2017!