Inscription to the newsletter

Shennong & Avicenne becomes EliseCare

Dear members,

I would like to offer, on behalf of our whole team, my deepest gratitude for the donations you charitably gave to support Shennong & Avicenne in its humanitarian missions in Iraq and in France.

Your loyalty is important to our organization as enables us to fund our medical personnel and administrative employees as they work daily and tirelessly to care for and better the lives of families of refugees and displaced populations.

These families, Christians, Kurds, Yezidis, and Syrians, have been forced to exile in war zones, but have been able to receive both humanity and care in our dispensaries thanks to your generous donations.

In order to achieve more clarity and recognition, we are changing the name of our association from Shennong & Avicenne to EliseCare. The missions will not change and the development of our missions will stay on track.

Your involvement is the support we need to efficiently achieve our humanitarian goals. As such, I call upon your generosity to circulate the nature and achievements of our organization for the sake of our missions and their continued existence.

We ask for your support to come to the aid of the refugees to restore the values of humanity lost in the pursuit of these conflicts.

Once again, I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks.

Elise Boghossian
EliseCare President