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Other Ways to Participate

“Because there are a number of ways to contribute to EliseCare”

Organize or attend an event

Associations, schools, companies, and friend groups mobilize and organise a number of events yearlong to support EliseCare. You are also able organize with your collaborators a fundraising event, or a sport or cultural event that can profit EliseCare. You also have the opportunity to help us by asking your friends and family to donate to EliseCare during large events such as a wedding or a retirement party.

EliseCare is part of the personal fundraising platform HELLOASSO which lets users create a page for an association and encourages donations to your initiative.

If you have a project, or want to donate to EliseCare, contact fundraiser collection at


Mobilize your school

In the context of education, students may put into practice their marketing skills and organization of events for profit by responding to the needs of EliseCare. Students can work on independent projects for a number of months and become aware of the problems an organization faces as they develop strategies to bring awareness to and collect funds from the public.

You can also become a young ambassador within your school.
If you have a project, or want to donate to EliseCare, contact fundraiser collection at


Create your own personal fundraising collection