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Your contribution is invaluable to us; it enables us to fund our medical personnel and administrative employees as they work daily and tirelessly to care for and better the lives of families who have been forced to exile under inhumane conditions.

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Your donations, like most charitable work, are subject to income tax deductions equal to 66% of their total (with a limit of 20% of imposable revenue).
For example, should you make a $100 donation, it will cost you only $34 in reality.
In order to benefit from this deduction, you only need to add the fiscal revenue EliseCare provides you on your tax forms.


Give with confidence

  • Transparency

The EliseCare France accounts are automatically audited due to its association status and its mission statement. These controlled procedures guarantee the rightful use of the charity fund and helps the efficiency of the EliseCare organization.

  • 100% Secure Payments

All the banking information needed to process your donations are private and secure. They are never stored or transported on our own servers.

  • Privacy

Your personal information is indispensable for us to send you your fiscal receipts. Adhering to the January 6, 1978 law on data processing and freedoms, you have the right to access, modify, rectify, and suppress any information concerning yourself.

To exercise this right, contact us at:
EliseCare, 9 rue Ernest Cresson – 75014 PARIS


Donations and Bequests

Donations and bequests are charitable gifts given to an organization. A donation is given while the benefactor is alive and must be from an authentic act, in front of a notary, or it could in turn be rendered null. A bequest must also be authentic but can be the product of a simple written statement such as a last will and testament.

A donation allows you to contribute to the cause immediately with monetary means. It grants us the full amount of your donation whilst alive.

A bequest enables you to, in the future, support the organization whilst keeping your earthly possessions until comes a time when you pass away.

You can leave anything in your will to EliseCare, including real estate, furniture, jewellery, art pieces, treasure bonds, stock options, etc.…

For more information, contact fundraising collection at