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Become a Partner

Companies of varying size, we encourage you to come to the aid of refugee populations by contributing to the support and medical aid they need to build a better future.


Why become a partner?

 Becoming an EliseCare partner means giving aid to displaced and refugee populations and helping them find better life prospects.

  1. It also means reinforcing your company’s social and civic engagements by associating with a humanitarian project. By accompanying us, you are setting the base for a better and more profoundly good society.
  2. This engagement will enable you to form stronger bonds with your clients as you share strong values such as solidarity.
  3. During the process, you will be able to rally and motivate your partners around a common project.
  4. Lastly, you will be by our sides and benefit from the positive image and good standing of EliseCare.


How do you become a partner?

  • Financial Patron: Support our organization by giving a regular donation or giving a percentage of your profits to EliseCare.
  • Skill Patron: Unite your associates around a common project that benefits the association by giving us a know-how of your company and the aptitudes of your employees.
  • Shared Product: Donate all or a share of the profits from a product or a service to EliseCare on a numerical or percentage basis.
  • Rounded Salaries: Offer to your employees the option of giving mini donations each months on their salaries by rounding up to the nearest whole number.
  • Monetary Donations: Give a direct donation to EliseCare.
  • Events: Organize with your associates a fundraising event or a sporting or cultural event to support EliseCare’s cause.
  • Exposure: Use your network to communicate information and fundraising opportunities for EliseCare.

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Our Partners

Privileged Partners: Bettencourt Foundation, Carrefour Foundation, JCDecaux, Interparfums…

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