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Our team

Iraq Team

An Iraqi chief of mission has coordinated the work of our local doctors and professionals since 2015.

Daily practice in our dispensaries is provided by multidisciplinary medical teams recruited from the displaced. Thus, doctors know the language, the terrain, the local culture and the psychological situation of their patients.

The typical team of a dispensary in Iraq is composed of:

  • 2 generalists
  • 1 pharmacist
  • 1 nurse
  • 1 dentist
  • 1 laboratory assistant
  • 1 receptionist
  • 1 driver for mobile clinics
  • 1 psychologist and / or 1 gynecologist depending on the public concerned

EliseCare’s doctors work in close collaboration with medical analysis laboratories and the Iraqi Ministry of Health, which provides ambulances when needed.

Volunteers regularly go to the field. Their profiles vary according to need: doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, interpreters.

Do you want to become a volunteer ?

To become a volunteer, send your CV and cover letter to Jean-Luc Messager, specifying your availability.

NB: Fluency in Arabic or Kurdish is compulsory for non-medical personnel.