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Our mission in Calais is coming to an end

Calais, October 25th, 2016

With the dismantlement of the Calais jungle, we have fewer and fewer patients each day. Today, we will suspend our physiotherapy, osteopathy, and acupuncture care, and will leave the camp as fires spring up around the lot. We will then come back for daily treatments until the last of the refugees leaves the area.

After 6 months of activity, the dispensary gave over 5,000 consultations, and as many patients have been treated by our medical professionals who tried to relieve their pains.

The recurring care and attention formed links between doctors and patients, and we are saddened to see them go.

Today, Tarik, came to thank us and offer his goodbyes. Often diagnosed with ENT infections, this 20-year-old was one of our recurring patients. He offered his acupuncturist a drawing with tears and his eyes and in our hearts. In exile, Tarik had applied for asylum to the French government to start a new life free of his pain and anguish. He improved greatly in French during his stay in Calais and is planning of getting an education and start working soon.

We will always remember him.