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Mossoul Mobile Dispensary

This dispensary provides care to the Duhok population while waiting for the Mossoul departure.




There are currently 2 million individuals living in regions controlled by ISIS in the Ninive plains. While the Mossoul offensive was launched on the 1.5 million inhabitants on October 17, 2016, the military operations will send between 200,000 and 1 million people into exile. The Kurdistan region of Iraq is now preparing itself for the onslaught of the worse migrant crisis it has ever witnessed, unfortunately its current infrastructures are insufficient to welcome this many refugees.

Today, Kurdistan continues to be the first refugee destination in the region despite its having reached maximum capacity. The regional government is under a lot of pressure, leading to financial cuts and lay-offs in the government and a decrease in medical personnel. In the Duhok province alone, the number of doctors has been divided by 10, and 3 hospitals have been shut down due to lack of funds and staff.




Consequently, EliseCare is preparing to respond to this dreadful humanitarian crisis that could last for months, maybe years.

Unable to reach the Mossoul and Qaraqosh regions until the cities have been liberated, the organization has sent its dispensary in the Duhok province, which has provided general medicinal care, pediatric care and surgical care since the 7th of February 2017.

This mobile dispensary is ready to intervene on populations fleeing Mossoul and needing immediate care.