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Calais Mobile Dispensary

6 months of activity          5,000 services rendered





Worldwide, more than 51.2 millions of individuals have been exiled from their homes due to armed conflicts, systemic violence, persecutions, or human rights violations. Thousands try to reach Europe through passages on land or at sea that often prove to be deadly as well as costly.

Faced with this extensive wave of immigration; Europe and France have taken measures to welcome refugees unto their soil; however, refugee populations still continue to suffer dreadful situations once within French borders as the undeveloped camps lack of good hygiene and medical treatment.




" In Grande-Synthe camp, near Dunkirk, nearly 3,500 men, women and children tried to reach England every night. "



As a result, EliseCare decided to implement its services in Calais in February 2016 with a mobile dispensary to relieve the refugees of their pain. The unit would be active until October 2016.

A team of volunteer acupuncturists, physiotherapists, and osteopaths remedied to the pain suffered by refugees the Jungle of Calais by offering consultations, care, and psychological treatment

During the 6 months of activity, the dispensary provided more than 5,000 patients with medical consultations.