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Ainkawa Clinic

Operational since December 28th, 2016

In activity since December 2016
2,000 services rendered per month
8 healthcare professionals




Situated in the Erbil province, Ainkawa 2 is a Christian camp composed of 1,088 precast structures inhabiting around 5,500 individuals. It opened in spring of 2015 and has since grown, now equipped with schools and sport complexes.

Since April 2016, EliseCare provides care from a small Clinique in the camp.

It is equipped with two consultation rooms where a general medicine doctor specialized ins small surgeries, a gynecologist, a nurse, a pharmacist/acupuncturist, and a receptionist alternate between consultations in the mobile and the fixed dispensaries.


To provide better care for the refugee populations of the region, EliseCare built a stationary dispensary in the camp of Ainkawa 2 attached to an existing clinic. This clinic near Erbil gives residents and displaced populations from Ainkawa 2 a permanent access to medical consultations, no matter where they are located in the region.

The team located in this fixed clinic is the same as the one from the Erbil mobile dispensary, and alternates between the two. It is composed of 9 professionals hired from the refugee populations:

  • One general medicine doctor
  • Two gynecologists
  • Two nurses
  • One pharmacist
  • One acupuncturist
  • One pediatric doctor
  • One receptionist



Services rendered

The Ainkawa dispensary offers a wider variety of care than the original clinic did in order to give better attention to the displaced populations.

The clinic is 5382 square feet and is composed of 10 consultation rooms, a general medicine clinic, a pediatric clinic, a dental clinic, a space reserved for psychological care, a surgical clinic, a lab, an infirmary and a acupuncture clinic with a separation for men and women.

It also has a pharmacy capable of rapid dispatch of medicine, a 24h emergency care unit, and emergency surgical equipment, and has been open 6 days a week since late December 2016.

EliseCare has also built a stationary dispensary in the Darkar camp.