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Medicine donation for Syria !

Late June 2017, we received more than a ton of medicine dedicated to the medical care of Syrian women, children, and men in Aleppo from the Tulipe association. Tulipe is an organisation that federates donations made by health companies to ... Read more

Inauguration of the Aleppo Bus!

On Tuesday June 6th, 2017, we celebrated the inauguration of the Aleppo Bus at the place d'Anvers. In attendance were Delphine Bürkli, Mayor of the IXème arrondissement of Paris et Elise Boghossian, founder and president of EliseCare. This ... Read more

EliseCare attended the JUMP ! Forum

Thursday June 1st, Elise Boghossian was invited to the "JUMP! Emporing Women, advancing the economy" forum to take part in the "Women are heroes : Violence against women. How to end the longest war in history?" conference with Pierre Foldès, a ... Read more

“They did what they wanted to me”, France Info

Listen to the Alice Serrano investigative piece broadcasted June 28 on France Info entitled "They did what they wanted to me" : In Iraq, Yezidi women recount their sufferings at the hand of jihadists. Interview conducted at one of our ... Read more

Equipment donation in a Mossoul health center

To facilitate the return of families to their recently liberated villages, EliseCare participated in the renovation of a medical center located near the Mossoul front line and owned by Father Aram and the replacement of their equipment. Thank you ... Read more

Inauguration of the Darkar clinic!

On Tuesday April 18th, we celebrated the opening of our second Health Center this year : the Darkar clinic. During this event, we were accompanied by René Frydman, Jean-Marc Ayoubi, Gérard Bapt, Didier Cujives, Fabienne Servan-Schreiber, the ... Read more

Stay in fashion with EliseCare!

We partnered with the ethical company WAAH to create a limited edition collection of organic shirts, sweatpants and totes, available between March 10 and 26, 2017. You will have the opportunity to win 1 computer case WAAH® + 1 notebook WAAH® + 1 ... Read more

Fundraising dinner at the Villa Empain

A fundraising banquet organized by the Boghossian foundation and Elise Boghossian, president of EliseCare, took place in Brussels on Tuesday February 21st, 2017. This dinner hosted 200 individuals, including government representatives, ... Read more

Elise Boghossian: 2017 Aurora Prize recipient

Elise Boghossian received the 2017 Aurora Prize for her work for Iraqi refugees with EliseCare. In the name of Armenian genocide survivors and with the testimony of the rescuers, a laureate from the Aurora prize is honored each year with a ... Read more

Training of 6 young women in psychology

Marie de Hennezel is a clinical psychologist and a writer. She participated in the creation of the first palliative care unit to accompany dying individuals in Europe. This action represented a great challenge: proving that one can die in humane, ... Read more

The “Mossoul Bus” welcomes patients

  Our new mobile dispensary arrived in Iraq on January 28th, 2017 and has been providing medical care in the Duhok rejoin since the 7th while waiting to be able to continue towards the Qaraqosh and Mossoul regions. As the Mossoul ... Read more


We NEED YOU NOW to bring emergency healthcare to the population of Alep. GIVE FOR ALEPPO   The Syrian civil war resulted in over 300,000 deaths and 6 millions refugees. Due to the never ending bombings, the ensuing destruction ... Read more

The Darkar clinic opens its doors!

On December 4th, 2016, EliseCare opened the doors to its stationary dispensary in Dakar to a high number of patients. Located in the North-West of Iraqi Kurdistan, near the city of Sakho in the Duhok province and the Turkish-Syrian border and ... Read more

The Mossoul dispensary is dispatched towards Iraq

EliseCare just completed the construction of its new mobile dispensary for Iraq. This former blood donation bus is equipped to become a mobile clinic in the Qarakosh and Mossoul regions and just started driving towards Iraq. Today, ... Read more

Our mission in Calais is coming to an end

Calais, October 25th, 2016 With the dismantlement of the Calais jungle, we have fewer and fewer patients each day. Today, we will suspend our physiotherapy, osteopathy, and acupuncture care, and will leave the camp as fires spring up around ... Read more

EliseCare is invited to the 2016 Tetris Trophy

Tetris, the European “Design & Build” fashion emplacements leader has invited EliseCare on October 3rd, 2016 to its 2016 Tetris Trophy at the Golf of St-Cloud. The golfers, partners and clients of Tetris, were able to buy golf balls ... Read more

Discover our nationwide campaign

Our thanks to the au BETC group, JC DECAUX, Havas group, France Médias Monde, L’Express, Le Figaro, France 2 – Radio add voiced by François Cluzet: Posters: Read more

Fundraising dinner at the Mairie de Paris

2 years after the fall of Mossoul… A fundraising dinner for EliseCare was hosted on Tuesday June 14th by the Mairie de Paris and Elise Boghossian, president of the organization. This dinner was hosted in the Mairie de Paris and has the ... Read more

Shennong & Avicenne becomes EliseCare

Dear members, I would like to offer, on behalf of our whole team, my deepest gratitude for the donations you charitably gave to support Shennong & Avicenne in its humanitarian missions in Iraq and in France. Your loyalty is important ... Read more

Support our dispensaries in Iraqi Kurdistan

In 1 year, our 2 dispensaries and 14 doctors have provided over 40,000 medical services. Unfortunately, the gravity of the humanitarian crisis in Iraq means we need to be more active in our support of the refugee and displaced populations. To reach ... Read more

Fundraising Gala at the Mairie de Paris

A fundraising evening dedicated to Elisecare (previously called Shennong & Avicenne) occurred on June 20th, 2014 under the support of the Mairie de Paris and André Manoukian. This event was hosted in the Hotel de Ville of Paris and collected ... Read more

EliseCare on the 1pm news of France 2

Replay of the January 12 1pm news of France 2. Elise Boghossian talks about her travels to Syria for the opening of our Aleppo and calls for donations to finance our Aleppo Bus. Click here to access the video on the France TV info website. Read more

EliseCare on the Public Senate’s Great Interview

Replay of  the testimony of Elise Boghossian, president and founder of EliseCare, at the Great interview of Sonia Mabrouk on the December 5th Public Senate. Elise Boghossian talks about the Iraqi situation and the actions of des EliseCare in the ... Read more

Elise Boghossian on i24NEWS Orient

"Elise BOGHOSSIAN, a needle in a lady of sabres" Elise Boghossian, president and founder of EliseCare was invited to appear on i24NEWS Orient on October 6th, 2016. Find the interview here. Read more

EliseCare on the 8pm news on TF1

Replay of the 8pm Newscast of TF1, televised September 24th, 2016. Overview of the new health center project with Elise Boghossian and brief on the situation of refugees in the Iraqi Kurdistan. Click here to watch the video.   Read more

Elise BOGHOSSIAN invited on Grand Soir 3.

On April 1st, 2015 on Grand Soir 3: The situation of Oriental Christians in Iraq is worsening: while they were 1 million in 1997, there are now only 400 000 in 2014. To watch the show, click here.  Read more