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Since its arrival in Iraq, EliseCare has encouraged the professional reintegration of displaced and refugee populations within their host community. In this regard, it was essential that all of our doctors be recruited from refugee populations, regardless of origin or religion.

EliseCare wanted to go further in its approach through the establishment of professional training programs for refugees, completely free. By offering training, work and remuneration, EliseCare allows refugees to regain a certain dignity as well as future prospects.

Since 2015, EliseCare has thus organized training in first aid, psychology of major trauma, gynecology and pain relief techniques by acupuncture for refugees. Training sessions in acupuncture are also intended for doctors practicing outside our clinics and confronted with the lack of painkillers and the proliferation of counterfeit, inoperative molecules.

The interest of Chinese medicine is undeniable in that it heals by restoring the balance of body and mind. Faced with the growing number of severely traumatized people, acupuncture is inseparable from psychology.

Today, EliseCare continues to develop the training program with the support of the ELLE Foundation. Volunteers provide training, provided with the agreement and support of the Department of Health Duhok and Erbil (DoH – Directorate of Health).