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In 2013, EliseCare provided vital care in 5 areas of Jordan. An acupuncture training program was launched in 2014 for doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. In 2015, we withdraw from Jordan to devote ourselves to Iraq, whose needs are gigantic.


In 2011, an armed conflict was born in Syria, resulting from a protest movement.

It turns into a civil war between two armed camps in a few weeks. The civilian populations, dramatically victims of all these clashes, cross the Syrian border every day to reach Jordan.

In war zones that are difficult to access and in refugee camps, the care of the wounded is of particular concern.

At the edge of the Jordanian desert, a few kilometers from the border, the Zaatari refugee camp in particular, welcomes thousands of people. EliseCare joined forces with medical teams in 2013 and operates in five different areas.


In Iraq, 90% of the displaced cannot find a place in the camps and thus live in places unsuitable for their reception, in the streets, cellars, hangars, abandoned shopping centers, roadsides, abandoned construction sites, recycling centers…

They have no access to aid structures: neither permanent shelters, ration tickets, nor medical care and live in very worrying sanitary conditions.

Their isolation and loss of income is a major obstacle to their access to care.