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Since 2014, EliseCare has provided more than 100,000 free treatments
to displaced and refugee populations in Iraq


Since 2012, nearly 465,000 Syrians and 3.2 million Iraqis have been forced into exile on Iraqi territory.

In August 2014, the war in Iraq threw thousands of families from ethnic and religious minorities  persecuted and threatened with death for what they are.

According to the United Nations, “mass executions, systematic rapes and appalling acts of violence” have been committed against ethnic and religious minorities.

Overnight, all had to flee Sinjar, Mosul, Qaraqosh, the plain of Nineveh. There, there is no longer a single Christian, no longer a single Yezidi.

In the deserts of Syria and Mesopotamia, women, men, children and the elderly walked for hours to reach the peaceful area of ​​northern Iraq. This region continues to represent the first destination of IDPs.


In Iraq, 90% of the displaced cannot find a place in the camps and thus live in places unsuitable for their reception, in the streets, cellars, hangars, abandoned shopping centers, roadsides, abandoned construction sites, recycling centers…

They have no access to aid structures: neither permanent shelters, ration tickets, nor medical care and live in very worrying sanitary conditions.

They have no access to aid structures: neither permanent shelters, ration tickets, nor medical care and live in very worrying sanitary conditions.


It is in this context that EliseCare decides to set up in Iraq from October 2014.

To relieve the pain and respond to the medical needs of the civilian population, the association created mobile dispensaries enabling it to reach displaced and refugee populations as closely as possible, without any religious distinction.

Its actions respect certain principles:

  • Care is completely free and dispensed in the most remote areas, outside the camps.
  • Multidisciplinary medical teams are recruited from among the refugees.
  • The learning and practice of acupuncture are encouraged, focusing on the treatment of pain.


To respond to the urgency and thescale of the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, EliseCare has implemented various projects to deliver more than 100,000 consultations and care since 2014:

  • 3 mobile clinics are now present and run 6 days a week.
  • 2 fixed dispensaries respectively near Zakho and Erbil offer permanent access to healthcare for the populations living in these two camps and 1 third dispensary is being developed in Tel Uskuf, near Mosul.


Mobilisons nous pour l’Artsakh !
Une équipe Élise Care est actuellement à l’hôpital de Martuni où elle vient de livrer une ambulance et 1.6 T de matériel de secours et médical.
L’hopital de Martuni est en première ligne eu recueille les blessés des bombardements aveugles de l’Azerbaïdjan. 
Plus de 160 000 personnes ont été déplacées et trouvent refuge où elles peuvent.
Vos dons nous serviront à affréter un container de matériel médical et de produits d’hygiène ainsi qu’ un envoi de  médicaments pour les populations civiles.