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In 1988, a powerful earthquake devastated Armenia, then a Soviet socialist republic, causing the death of tens of thousands of people. Following this drama, nuns founded an orphanage in order to rescue the surviving children. Thirty years later, the orphanage in Gyumri still exists and today hosts a forty children

The second city of Armenia is the capital of the Shirak marz in the northwest of the country

If Armenia has recovered from this earthquake, notably thanks to the support of many humanitarian organizations, the country has facedmany economic and social challenges since its independence from the USSR in 1991 and the recession that followed.

Yerevan, the capital, is developing economically, but its suburbs like the provinces remain affected by extreme poverty. The winter is harsh, the opportunities are weak and a large number of families are struggling to survive. Gyumri, the second city of Armenia, is not spared from these difficult conditions and the orphanage has already saved many lives.

The 40 children who live there have similar stories, , often abandoned by parents who could not feed them, they have been taken in and can nowdream of a new life. At the orphanage, they are not only given a bed, clothes, books and toys, but above all the opportunity to go to school, to receive an education in order to create a better future for themselves.

EliseCare has been involved for several years in this orphanage, where we work in close collaboration with the nuns and the local staff. Last year, some children from the orphanage were welcomed in France as part of the “Main dans la Main” stay.

Among these people whose memory was bruised by the genocide and who still suffers from the consequences of the Soviet period, this orphanage represents the only hope of certain children. This is whyyour support is precious.

A donation of € 200 will provide for all the needs of an orphan for an entire year

A donation of € 100 will guarantee the medical follow-up of a child for six months

Any other donation will allow us to buy school supplies and winter clothes for the orphans.

Since EliseCare has been recognized as of general interest since December 17, 2015, your donations to the association entitle you to a reduction in income tax equal to 75% of their amount up to a limit of € 530. For example, your donation of € 200 will only cost you € 50.

In order to benefit from the tax reduction, it’s very simple: just attach to your tax return the tax receipt that EliseCare addresses to you.