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Fundraising dinner at the Mairie de Paris

2 years after the fall of Mossoul…

A fundraising dinner for EliseCare was hosted on Tuesday June 14th by the Mairie de Paris and Elise Boghossian, president of the organization.

This dinner was hosted in the Mairie de Paris and has the objective of supporting the organization in its medical missions in Iraq and Syria.

An auction, co-hosted by Edouard Baer, was organized under the supervision of Arnaud Cornette of Saint Cyr and was composed of art pieces, jewellery, and other prestigious items.

The funds collected will be spent towards the construction of a stationary medical dispensary in Zakho, Iraq, and the dispatch of a mobile medical dispensary in Lebanon at the Syrian border.

Photos Credits: Angélique Gilson / Thierry Larché