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Europe and France must also face the migratory wave fleeing conflicts and human rights violations. In France, thousands of people do not have the opportunity to live decently and are deprived of care.



The global situation has forced millions of people to flee armed conflict, widespread violence, persecution and human rights violations. Thousands of them in Europe seek asylum after having gone through murderous journeys and sacrificed their savings to smugglers. Despite reception measures taken by the public authorities, thousands of refugees still live in dire health conditions and miserable living conditions.


Field doctors

Although France has invested in more than 60,000 migrants housed in different reception centers, the assistance provided is not sufficient. Also, in relay have appeared associations and individuals, who come to help everywhere in France for refugees and particularly in the jungle of Calais, dismantled since spring-summer 2017. Access to healthcare for these people is exceptional, which is why EliseCare mobilized with migrants, particularly in Calais.

In addition, the French government would like to welcome by October 2019, 10,000 additional migrants.

We are an NGO specializing in field medicine, our mission has no borders and we must help in France the survivors and victims of armed conflict.