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We NEED YOU NOW to bring emergency healthcare to the population of Alep.



The Syrian civil war resulted in over 300,000 deaths and 6 millions refugees.

Due to the never ending bombings, the ensuing destruction of homes and infrastructure, the lack of resources and the radical inflation of prices, hundreds of thousands of Syrians have had to flee the country in exile.

Since 2011, the UN estimates the Syrian Civil War victims to approximately 500,000 deaths and more than 6 million refugees. In Syria, one in three children have never known anything other than the war.

During the rebuilding of the country, basic needs, especially medical ones, are desperately needed.

They need us now!

Our estimates show that 26% of hospitals have been closed and 33% have been partially closed, leaving the Syrian population with no means to access medical care.

Over 11 million Syrians are in need of medical care. Half of the children are not vaccinated, leading to the reappearance of infectious illnesses that were considered extinct in the country; such as polio, Leishmaniosis, measles, typhoid fever, and cholera.

In addition, due to the lack of proper medicine, chronical illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer are not treated.

To help the men, women, and children over there, help us here, there is no time to waste!

Help us finance a mobile clinic today for Alep, we need YOU! We thank you in advance for your support.