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EliseCare is laying the foundation for a possible mission in Ventimiglia and Lampedusa



November-December 2016

Our former Calais dispensary coordinator; Francois, is on a recon mission for possible EliseCare missions in Ventimiglia, an Italian town near the French border, and Lampedusa, a small Italian island near the opening of Europe on the path from Libya. 180,000 individuals have taken refuge in these cities this year alone.

From Sudan, Syria, Libya, and Palestine, these refugees, who named themselves “friends from misfortune”, have failed on three separate occasions to reach France, each time escorted back by the frontier police.

Whether they fled the Syrian conflict, Darfur, the Libyan militias or the Israeli oppression of Gaza, these people left to save themselves from “a future that was not uncertain, but inexistent.” They are all between 17 and 20 years old and many have already died trying to reach France from the mountain route, as the roads and trains are impossible to arrive through. Some have been lucky, after 2 days of walking they arrived in a valley, exhausted and disoriented but alive.

There, they stopped and went back to Ventimiglia where they took up quarters in the Red Cross camp. They are planning on resting up and follow their dreams, whether it is to learn building, go get an education in multimedia, or even help an uncle at his restaurant. They will do whatever is in their power and more to reach their goals.