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In France, EliseCare gave medical aid to refugees in Calais in its mobile dispensary up until October 2016. We are also conducting scientific trials on traditional Chinese medicine at the Hôpital des Bluets in Paris.


Worldwide, more than 51.2 millions of individuals have been exiled from their homes due to armed conflicts, systemic violence, persecutions, or human rights violations. Thousands try to reach Europe through passages on land or at sea that often prove to be deadly as well as costly.

Faced with this extensive wave of immigration; Europe and France have taken measures to welcome refugees unto their soil; however, refugee populations still continue to suffer dreadful situations once within French borders as the undeveloped camps lack of good hygiene and medical treatment.

As a result, EliseCare decided to implement its services in Calais in February 2016 with a mobile dispensary to relieve the refugees of their pain. During the 6 months of activity, the dispensary provided more than 5,000 patients with medical consultations.



President of the Shennong & Avicenna association.

"In the camp of Grande-Synthe, near Dunkirk, they are nearly 3 500 men, women and children trying every night to reach England."

Clinical Research

The promotion of traditional Chinese medicine in our healthcare system is another mission EliseCare endorses in accordance with its humanitarian concerns. Despite the advances in the provision of supplementary medical resources, few clinics have explored the beneficial effects Chinese medicine has had in France.
To remedy this disregard and to provide evidence of the benefits of this traditional medicine, EliseCare has opened services in the Hôpital des Bluets in Paris to conduct a clinical trial, under the supervision of a scientific research board.

This trial is predominantly focused on evaluating the impact of traditional Chinese medicine when it is used as a supplementary aid for occidental modern medicine, specifically for infertility treatment.
EliseCare also partnered with the University of Nanking in China in pursuance of the unity between homeopathic and allopathic medicine.


In order to make this project sustainable and to help them in the long term, we need the support of all.

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