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EliseCare will begin a mission in Lebanon in 2018 with the implementation of mobile clinics.

The war in Syria has induced the arrival of considerable number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The country is very small, with only 4 million inhabitants, yet has welcomed the largest number of refugees globally, with 1.1 million Syrian refugees according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which are added to the 50,000 Palestinians refugees from Syrian according to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and some other tens of thousands unregistered refugees. This amounts to a quarter of the Lebanese population consisting of refugees, which doesn’t account for the Syrian immigrants present in the country prior to the conflict, which already amounts to a couple hundred thousand.

This high immigrating population has contributed to the already fragile socio-economic situation in Lebanon. The security of the Lebanese government is put in question by authorities and civilians alike as the infrastructure and the basic resources such as water, electricity, and education possessed by said government are not enough to sustain such a high population. The Syrian refugees and the Lebanese from local communities are all becoming more vulnerable.

In view of this deteriorating situation, EliseCare will start a mission in Lebanon in 2018 with the dispatch of new mobile clinics.