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Medical Training


Since its establishment in Iraq in 2014, EliseCare has provided aid to displaced populations and refugees in order to integrate them professionally within their host communities. To further this goal, it has been crucial that all medical personnel recruited within refugee populations was chosen without discrimination and regardless of race, religion, or provenance.

In the interest of providing further support for these individuals, EliseCare has created a number of professional training programs for refugees, which has allowed them to earn a wage and regain the autonomy they lost in their quest for refuge. These programs have also given them hope for their future prospects.

Since 2015, EliseCare has organized training programs in the fields of emergency medical aid, trauma psychology, acupunctural pain relief, and gynecology so as to strengthen their support efforts in refugee camps.

The first round of formation, in acupuncture and emergency medical aid, in 2015 gathered local doctors, nurses and pharmacists wishing to be initiated in Chinese medicine and fortify their knowledge of healing methods.

Today, Elisecare continues to create and develop training programs dedicated to the enhancement of the skills of their medical personnel.