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Medical specialties

Our medical staff, responsible for providing aid to refugee and displaced populations, is trained in a number of fields including, but not limited to, those included in the list below:

General Medicine

The poor hygienic conditions, lack of a stable water supply, and promiscuity the refugees face have dire consequences on their health. As the displaced populations are at risk of viral and bacterial infections, among other health related hazards, our doctors are tasked with healing a wide variety of illnesses, both seasonal and chronic. Those include stomach pains, headaches, flues, allergies, back and articular pains, and intestinal and urethral inflammations.


Our mobile dispensaries, buses outfitted with medical equipment and a pharmacy, are staffed with a practitioner able to provide the proper medicine and care when needed. These doctors work in collaboration with labs for medical analysis and the Iraqi Health Ministry in case urgent care is needed.


EliseCare’s speciality and original focus was acupunctural techniques provided for pain relief. These practises offer a rapid and inexpensive way to manage pain and is supplementary to other forms of medical aid. In instances where medicine and proper care are difficult to provide and access, our patients are given acupunctural remedies which have been shown to significantly improve their conditions in 90% of cases.


In both our mobile and fixed mobile dispensaries, we encounter domestic accidents such as children swallowing foreign objects, street accidents, or small growths and benign tumors. Our medical staff is capable of remedying to those issues with small surgeries and sutures on adults and children.

Gynecology and Post-Partum treatment

With its “Women and Children’s Bus”, EliseCare provides treatments specific to women and children pathologies, which include gynecology, the care of pregnant women, post-partum care, and pediatric care.

Psychological Aid

In order to offer lasting psychological support for traumatised women who have been victims of captivity, torture, and rape, EliseCare relies on a psychologist within their team. Children are similarly subject to psychological supervision accompanied by non-verbal expressions of the trauma they suffered. EliseCare is also in cooperation with local organizations and trauma specialists in pursuance of the reintegration of these women who are often social outcasts in their communities.