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I make a donation

Your support is precious because it supports the work of our caregivers, medical and administrative staff, who work daily to care for and improve the living conditions of refugees.

I hire my company

Small, medium and large businesses, come to the aid of refugee populations by giving them the means to build their future.

I give my time

"Because there are many ways to get involved with EliseCare"

Since EliseCare has been recognized as of general interest since December 17, 2015, your donations to the association entitle you to a reduction in income tax equal to 75% of their amount up to a limit of € 530. For example, a donation of € 200 only costs you € 50.

Beyond that, a reduction of 66% is applicable, up to a limit of 20% of taxable income.
For example, if you donate € 100, it will actually cost you only € 34.

In order to benefit from the tax reduction, it’s very simple: just attach to your tax return the tax receipt that EliseCare addresses to you.

Give with confidence

  • Transparency
    EliseCare France’s accounts are systematically audited given the specifics of its mission and its association status of general interest. These control procedures guarantee the proper use of funds and contribute to improving the efficiency of EliseCare.
  • 100% secure payment
    All the banking information that allows us to process your payments is completely secure. They do not pass in any case on our computer systems.
  • Respect for your privacy
    Your contact details are essential to send you your tax receipt. In accordance with the data protection act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you.

To exercise this right, contact us at:
EliseCare, 9 rue Ernest Cresson – 75014 PARIS
✉️ [email protected]

Legacy and donation

The donation and the bequest are free gifts to an organization. The donation is made during the donor’s lifetime; it must be the subject of an authentic instrument (before a notary) under penalty of nullity. The legacy can be the object of an authentic act or be the object of a simple writing (holograph will).

The legacy allows you to support our association over the long term, without depriving yourself of your property during your lifetime.

You can bequeath to EliseCare all or part of your real estate, your furniture, your jewelry, your works of art, your treasury bills, stocks and bonds, etc.

The donation allows you to send us today a sum of money or property. Unlike the will, the gift takes effect during the lifetime of the donor. It results in the immediate transfer of the sum or of the donated property.

For more information, contact ✉️ EliseCare’s Collection Mananger.

Why become a partner?

  1. Becoming an EliseCare partner means first and foremost deciding to help refugee populations by giving them the means to build their future.
  2. It also means strengthening your commitment to a socially responsible company by associating yourself with one or more specific solidarity projects. By supporting us in carrying out our missions, you are making the choice of daring to bring about an in-depth transformation of society.
  3. This commitment will allow you to differentiate yourself and retain your customers by sharing strong values ​​with them.
  4. Internally, you will have the opportunity toinvolve and motivate your employees around a project that makes sense.
  5. Finally, engaging with us will allow you tobenefit from the positive image and notoriety of EliseCare.

How to become a partner?

    • Financial sponsorship: Support our action on an ad hoc or long-term basis by making a donation or by donating a percentage of your turnover to EliseCare.
    • Skills sponsorship: Federate your employees around a common project by making the association benefit from the know-how of your company and the skills of your employees.
    • Product-sharing: Transfer all or part of the profits from the sale of a product or service to EliseCare on the basis of an amount or a percentage.
    • Rounding off salary: Offer your employees to make micro-donations every month on their net salary payable.
    • Donation in kind or in material: Make a donation in kind or in material to EliseCare.
    • Events: Organize with your employees a fundraising event, sporting or cultural events for the benefit of EliseCare.
    • Visibility: Relay on your communication media the messages of information and calls for donations from EliseCare.

    For more information, contact the EliseCare Collection Manager by email at the following address:
    ✉️[email protected]

Become a volunteer

To help it continue its work with refugee populations, EliseCare is looking for volunteers in the field.

The association regularly calls on volunteers for its missions in Iraq. Whether you are a general practitioner, acupuncturist, psychologist, logistician, truck driver or translator/interpreter, do not hesitate to contact us. NB: fluency in Arabic or Kurdish is compulsory for non-medical staff.

To become a volunteer, send your CV and a motivation letter to ✉️ Jean-Luc Messager specifying your availability.