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Who Are We?

EliseCare is a Non-Governmental Organization specialized in international harmony and the treatment and management of pain. EliseCare’s sole mission is to provide medical care to civilian populations in zones of conflict or refuge and, as such, is not tied to any governmental or religious entities.

In 2011, the Syrian conflict escalated, as did the Iraqi conflict in 2014. For the sake of providing medical treatment to refugees and populations far from cities and difficult to access, EliseCare was created and started building mobile clinics out of old buses.

To reach communities of displaced populations and refugee camps, EliseCare dispatches these buses transformed into mobile dispensaries and clinics around the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and provides regular aid to the populations in a number of fields. Those are general medicine, gynecology, pregnancy care, pediatrics, post-partum care, surgery, psychology, acupuncture and pain management.

Additionally, in the interest of establishing long-lasting medical care for individuals unable to go home, EliseCare is building fixed clinics in the region, which are located near Zakho and Erbil.

The stationary medical centers have three missions:

  • To provide free medical consultations and aid,
  • To offer continuous psychological care to patients,
  • And to offer access to medical training in acupuncture, emergency medical care, gynecology, radiology, and biology.

We strongly believe in values such as solidarity and global awareness, and use them as foundations for our organization and every day actions. We believe every individual is due respect, dignity, and access to aid, and as such extend the courtesy to every patient in our care.

EliseCare today

Due to the increase and gravity of humanitarian concerns, EliseCare is currently in the process of developing new projects:

  • In Iraq, our mobile dispensaries reach 30 isolated sites and provide more than 2,000 free services each month.
  • In the refugee camps of Ainkawa 2 and Darkar, situated in the Erbil and Duhok regions respectively, EliseCare has built two stationary dispensaries for free medical consultation and care.
  • In 2017, we are scheduled to start our missions in Syria with the dispatch of a mobile clinic to Alep.