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Our Team

Headquarter Staff

Élise Boghossian – President and founder

Aurore Kaddour – Executive Assistant – 01 81 69 67 10

Donation Finances – 01 81 69 67 12


Field Staff

Our medical staff is comprised of professionals certified in a variety of disciplines. These individuals are responsible for the daily activities of our mobile and are recruited from the displaced populations in order to be able to provide care with regards to the patient’s language, culture and psychological mindset.

The medical teams of the various dispensaries are comprised of 23 individuals:

  • 3 general medicine doctors
  • 4 gynecologists
  • 2 pediatric doctors
  • 1 psychologist
  • 1 dentist
  • 2 acupuncturists
  • 3 nurses
  • 1 nurse/acupuncturist
  • 2 pharmacist
  • 1 lab operator
  • 2 drivers
  • 1 welcome committee operator

The EliseCare doctors work in collaboration with medical analysis labs and the Iraqi Health Ministry which provides ambulances in case of emergencies.
A member of the team responsible for the Iraqi mission coordinates the work between our 22 doctors and local professionals.

Additionally, since 2016, two French expatriates have joined our local team and work as coordinators in the stationary clinics.



Our volunteers vary in backgrounds according to our needs, and consist mainly of doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, and interprets.

To become a volunteer for the headquarters or on the Iraq mission, please send your inquiries with your resume, a letter of motivation, and your availability to Aurore Kaddour.

PS: Proficiency in Arabic, Kurd, or English is mandatory for all non-medical staff.