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Children of Mosul: Orphans and survivors of the war

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Victims of Daesh: Stop the sexual exploitation of women and children!

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EliseCare is a Non-Governmental Organization specialized in international harmony and the treatment and management of pain. EliseCare’s sole mission is to provide medical care to civilian populations in zones of conflict or refuge and, as such, is not tied to any governmental or religious entities.

carteTo reach communities of displaced populations and refugee camps, EliseCare dispatches buses transformed into mobile dispensaries and clinics around the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and will soon extend its services into Syria. Moreover, in contemplation of long-lasting medical care, EliseCare is building fixed clinics in the regions it serves.


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“They did what they wanted to me”, France Info

Listen to the Alice Serrano investigative piece broadcasted June 28 on France Info entitled "They did what they wanted to me" : In Iraq, Yezidi women recount their sufferings at the hand of jihadists. Interview conducted at one of our ... Read more