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Terrorism victims

Let's stop sexual harassment of women and children!

Our current campaigns

Mossoul: street children's

22 576 € / 20 000 € received

Sponsor an Armenian orphan

800 € / 8 000 € received

Daesh victims: let's stop sexual harassment of women and kids!

13 990 € / 20 000 € received

à la suite de l’article de Libération du 31 janvier 2020

The association

Expert in treating pain, EliseCare is an NGO of international solidarity. Apolitical and secular, its vocation est to bring urgency medical help to civil populations in conflict zones.

To reach the displaced and refugee populations as closely as possible, EliseCare travels through northern Iraq on trucks fitted out as mobile clinics, and will soon be present in Syria. In addition and in a long-term strategy, it also builds fixed clinics.

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Center for Survivors

The Survivors’ Center is dedicated to the psychic reconstruction of women heavily traumatized by their experience under the terror of armed groups, including Daesh, and by the abuse suffered – many have been sex slaves, forced into forced labour, ill-treated, tortured.

They suffer from physical (mutilation, pain, malnutrition) and psychological (post-traumatic stress, severe depression, insomnia, mental disorders) sequelae.

We offer them comprehensive care that helps them get back on track in life.


Peace and Resilience

They are children like the others, but who were less fortunate than the others.

Forced into the ranks of the militias, forced to torture, kill, steal, sometimes rape, they have lost all their bearings.

Help them become children again.



Purchased used, refurbished and medicalized, these buses carry a team of health professionals: general practitioners and specialists, nurses and psychologists.

They criss-cross regions away from any medical treatment. Each patient has their medical file and a pharmacy is on board.

They are called upon to deploy to areas of the world that have suffered from war.

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