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Armenia and High Karabakh

Elise Boghossian, founder of EliseCare, has travelled regularly to Armenia and High Karabakh between 2002 and 2011 in order to provide aid to the civilians that have been victims of the war.

The High Karabakh is a historically Armenian territory that was forcibly integrated into the Socialist Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan by Joseph Stalin. Since the fall of the USSR in 1991, the High Karabakh has fought for its independence. This ethnic conflict is considered one of the bloodiest in the post-soviet era.

Elise Boghossian went to the aid of civilian populations victim of the tragic conflict in 2002, first in a hospital in Erevan, then directly in High Karabakh where she regularly provided medical aide up until 2011. She observed that acupuncture had a real effect on war victims, especially on the relief of pain, and thus created an organization focused on these effects, which led to the engagement of EliseCare in 2014 in Iraq with the dispatch of mobile and fixed cliniques.